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Hi there! :) My name is Esmeralda, I'm a student studying History from Montauban, France.

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What Exactly Is Medical Massage Therapy?

8 Nisan 2021

Therapeutic massage stems from both Greek words massage that contrasts broadly to’hand care’ and healthcare massage that translates loosely to’massage because the process of healing’. […]

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What Exactly Is Watsu?

5 Nisan 2021

What’s Watsu? For those who have not ever been aware about this term, then let’s specify it first. As stated by the Merriam Webster’s dictionary,”Waii” […]

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The Benefits of Watsu Massage

1 Nisan 2021

“What is Watsu?” Really is a question I get asked very usually by my individuals. I attempt and clarify Watsu can be a non-invasive, energy-based […]

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